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Upgrade Cleaning LLC,

Welcomes all Independent Contractors and Employees.

Have you received a Welcome letter?

As part of onboarding with Upgrade Cleaning LLC, let us go over a few things you should know. 

New Hire Support

Thanks for submitting!

Our Brand

Our Brand was masterfully custom created and designed to reflect the image we at Upgrade Cleaning, LLC would like to present to the world. 

Our Brand is ever developing as we evolve as a company. Although, we are quite proud of our Brand Identity, the first visual branding you as an Independent Contractor or Employee will honor working with us.  Those who know recognize Upgrade Cleaning as a premium commercial cleaning company. The Upgrade Cleaning Logos are most important in our brand identity, as well as our special colors and symbols.

We at Upgrade Cleaning LLC, only represent Upgrade Cleanings custom and unique identity.

Our company has worked hard on not only our Brand Identity ,but also our Brand Strategy. 

Your role is to uphold our standards.

 We ask not to be copied or misrepresented. Upgrade Cleaning, LLC owns all rights to our Brand.



Rep our Company

Upgrade cleaning's reputation is important, when the public and most often our Clientele see's us. They our confident in our  Uniformed workers. Showing professionalism and representing our Company. Therefore wearing "only" Upgrade Cleaning branded Uniform and accessories is key .   

Upgrade Uniform Hat and Polo Shirt TRANS.png

Our uniform is simple. We strongly encourage all who  we give work to from Upgrade Cleaning LLC to subscribe to our Uniform policy.   

Upgrade Cleaning post template backgrounds.png

Black is chosen to not only show off our beautiful brand identity, it also identifies our workers in the field. As we are a Premium brand!

Your Uniform may be ordered along with onboarding. Our goal is for you to look the part as soon as possible!   

The Golden Pact

At Upgrade Cleaning LLC, it is only right to live by what we believe is one of the greatest codes. 

We urge you to take the Golden Pact!    

Jobsites & Work Assignments

At Upgrade Cleaning LLC, it is only right to live by what we believe is one of the greatest codes. 

We urge you to take the Golden Pact!    

The nature of our jobs are not always in one spot, Upgrade Cleaning, LLC could add work to your schedule when applicable. We work with a variety of Clients on different terms.

Your schedule is easily transparent via work assignments. Each of our workers will be assigned via email. It is important to give proper advance notices about schedule issues. 

When you applied for us at Upgrade Cleaning, LLC, it was an requirement to have own transportation. This is expected to successfully go back and forth to our Job Sites. (See Employee Handbook for policies)

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